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Tedi Thomas

(left) "Love love love shopping at Dahlal's (especially when I can do the road trip to shop in the warehouse in person) because she has so so SO many wonderful things in stock.  It is just like walking into a candy store.  I also have a very hard time not making all KINDS of excited noises as I hunt through all the luscious costumes and costume bits and pieces.  A day (or part of a day) at Dahlal's is one of my all time favorite treats." -Tedi Thomas


"This is a fantastic costume at a great price and it fits like a glove. Thank you!" -Jamila

testimonial4.jpg (left)
"My favorite costume from Dahlal so far is 'Trimmed in Treasure' [pictured].
I love love love it!!! Every time I wear it I get tons of compliments on it.  The copper and the turquoise compliment my skin tone and hair color perfectly!
I love shopping with Dahlal!  Whenever I call and have questions, Christie is always so helpful and super sweet.
Tim comes to visit us here in San Antonio, TX twice a year and he is such a joy!  He makes a point to remember all of us and bring things for us that he feels will look amazing."
 -Valori Jenné Ghidoni
"All I can say is WOW!!! I tracked the package you sent with the lime green skirt and ran home from work during lunch to pick it up, because I just couldn't wait. I opened the box and was blinded by the absolute limeness of the skirt and then I was stunned by the intricacy of the beadwork on the skirt, the gauntlets, and the headband (the style of which I love!). It is AMAZING! The bead- and sequin-work match my original Pharaonics costume to a "T" --- it couldn't get any better! And it changed the original bra and belt, originally with a beautiful, sweet sherbet green Arabesque skirt, to a stunning, sock-it-to-em stage costume!

Thank you so much for your expertise, for your help in matching my original costume to a new style of skirt --- and especially for the work you put in to find it amidst your other stock when a whim for a new skirt struck me. You make Dahlal Internationale a truly excellent place of business, and you are my favorite vendor to deal with because of your patience, knowledge, generosity, and spectacular customer service --- whether or not I make a purchase!"
- Elizabeth Knight
cust-test.jpg I just received my gorgeous new fuschia "Infinite Euphoria" costume and wore it last night.
I love shopping at With being 5' 9" and most of that being leg height.. standard 36 inch skirts won't fit me. I love that I can custom order to my length. Not only are the costumes gorgeous but the customer service is OUTSTANDING!. Every time I have had a question, everyone in customer service has been so helpful.

Many other places will have gorgeous costumes but the customer service is not there. I also love that I can save a wish list of costumes to come back to at a later time when I am in the market for a costume and in particular.. I love that after Christmas treat with the January 25% off customer appreciation month. All of these things combined together keep me coming back!
Diana Spring



 "Here are a few of my favorites costumes from Dahlal.  Hope to visit your store again soon."