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Layaway Policy

All of our online costumes or any of our other products can easily be put on layaway over a four month period of time with a 25% nonrefundable down payment.

Payment information:
One payment is due per month while your costume or other items are on layaway. Your order will remain in our possession until it is paid in full. You can easily make your monthly payments online by typing in our search menu, the words, “Make a Layaway Payment”, and our payment option will come up.  Payments can also be made by phone or by mail. Account statements are emailed on the 25th of each month showing your payment history and remaining balance due. If you are delinquent in paying for your layaway order, you will be charged a 1-1/2% monthly finance charge. If we do not receive total payment within 6 months of the date you placed your order, and we have not heard from you, we will cancel your order and you will forfeit your down payment. Any other payments will remain on your account as store credit only. The costume will then be restocked for sale.

Receiving your layaway order: As soon as your costume is paid in full, we will ship it to you within 48 hours.  Please allow extra time for any alteration requests because these will not be completed until your costume is paid in full.

Layaway Order FAQs

Can I layaway any other Dahlal products?

Yes, you can layaway any products by emailing or calling us. We’re sorry but our new site does not have the capability of including an online layaway option for each of our online products.  The same layaway rules apply as above.

What if I have a problem making a payment?

Please make sure to contact us regarding your situation.  Many times we can work with you on establishing a lower monthly payment that will work with your budget and keep your account in good standing.

What if I'm unhappy with my order once I receive it?

 We will do everything possible to ensure your happiness with your layaway purchase, however, we cannot be responsible if your measurements have changed or the style is not as flattering on you as you expected.  Measurements and several photos are provided online for each product to assist you in making the right choice.

What if my order doesn't fit?

We will make fitting adjustments personally for a fee, if possible. Understandably, we cannot be responsible for weight gain or loss.