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Many of our costumes can be custom ordered to fit your exact measurements. In most cases, there is only a minimal charge for this service. Custom orders take approximately 12-16 weeks to arrive and require a 25% non-refundable deposit.

Payment information:
Payment is due when the costume arrives in our office.Your order will not be shipped until the costume is paid in full. While your order is being made, you can make monthly payments, or wait and pay the balance in full when your order is complete. Statements are mailed on the 25th of each month, regardless of whether or not you choose to make monthly payments. If you are delinquent in paying for your custom order, you will be charged a 1-1/2% monthly finance charge. If we do not receive total payment within 6 months of the date you placed your order, and your costume has arrived, you will forfeit your order, your down payment, plus all payments made.The costume will then be restocked for sale. Important: Once a custom order has been placed, you cannot cancel it. Because your custom order is made to your exact measurements, we cannot offer a refund on it.

Receiving your custom order: Custom orders normally take between 12-16 weeks to arrive. Our costumes are handmade in Turkey or Egypt. Once they arrive from overseas, they have to clear customs before we receive them. We will inform you by phone or email when your custom order arrives.

Custom Order FAQs

Is it more expensive to place a custom order?

There is usually a minimal charge for a custom order as long as you do not alter the design. If you would like to add extra pieces, or change the design in a way that would require additional work, extra charges will apply.There may also be additional charges for larger sized costumes. Call or email us if you're uncertain.

Will my custom order be exactly like the picture I'm looking at? We will do our best to match the colors you select. Please keep in mind that because the costumes are handmade, there may be slight variations in color and beadwork.

What if I'm unhappy with my order? We will do everything possible to ensure your happiness with your purchase. Please remember that because the costumes are made by hand, slight variations in color and beadwork will occur. We cannot be responsible for slight design variations.

What if my order doesn't fit? We will make fitting adjustments personally, if possible. Understandably, we cannot be responsible for weight gain or loss.