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For the Love of Dance and our Customers

Posted by Dahlal Internationale on

It has been almost 30 years since DAHLAL Internationale was born. As a dancer myself, it began out of my love for the dance. Life was so dramatically different then, with dancers hand beading their own costumes, no visual aids such as DVDs or YouTube and virtually no imported music. Through the years we have helped promote designers from the beginning of their careers, like Pharaonics of Egypt and Eman Zaki. Their names and costumes have become well known throughout the world through our website.  In fact, several of the names we've given their costumes are now standard names in our industry. As a small company, it has been important to us to always provide personalized service to our customers and quality products in a full range of sizes and prices. Our reputation as a business and our customer's trust in us has been crucial to our endurance.

It has come to our attention recently, that a costume designer has publicly stated that we have posted costumes on our site, listing their name as the designer, that are not actually theirs.  We have always been assured that every costume we have purchased from either a designer directly or through a second party were authentic to each designer before posting.  We respect our designers too much to even think of doing something like this and we would certainly never put our reputation as a business at risk. As a company who designs and develops products ourselves, we are aware of the challenges designers face and we would never intentionally put a designer's name on a product we knew wasn't their original work.

We have contacted the designer directly and asked about working together to sell and promote their costumes on our site. In good faith we have removed their name from the costumes in question.

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