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Previewing The Different Belly Dancing Styles That Are Popular Today

Posted by Dahlal Internationale on

When it comes time find an outlet for your rhythm and soul, it may be challenging to find the right style to match your unique personality. Finding a unique belly dancing style is intense, requiring different disciplines and movements to work in tandem with unique belly dancing outfits, add-ons, and accessories to create a dynamic display of movement and color. Dahlal Internationale is proud to be your source for quality belly dance costumes, providing durable and unique products to create or perfect your dancing wardrobe. From tribal belly dancing skirts to finger cymbals, we have everything in stock to help you take your routine to the next level.

For those who are new to the dance, it can be intimidating trying to find the perfect style and belly dancing outfit to create a fun, vibrant routine. Today, we’ll discuss a few of these entertaining styles to try and help you find an enjoyable school of dance. If you decide to move into other genres, be sure to shop Dahlal Internationale for the best belly dance skirts, tops, scarves, and more!

Cabaret Belly Dancing

Also known as Raqs Sharqi, Cabaret dancing was formed on classical Eastern dance and the West’s perception of what belly dancing is. Based on the classical routines and stylings from Middle Eastern songs of old, this modern form combines the old-school format with bigger, brighter feats. Cabaret dancing is based on entertainment value, featuring flashy belly dance costumes decorated with ornate coins, stones, and more. An ornate belly dancing outfit can be perfect for this style, focusing on stunning curves and class to create a sultry performance that wows audiences.

How you choose to represent your Cabaret routine is up to you. Classically, dancers have utilized skirts with jingling hip belts, creating a dynamic duo that captures each and every movement. Our lycra dresses are also perfect for capturing the essence of this hybrid style.

Taksim Belly Dancing

Also known as “Taqsim,” this style is often summarized as a free-flowing expression of the dancer’s inner feelings. It is important to note that this dance is not choreographed, nor is it common to rely on multiple instrumentals for rhythm. Typically, dancers rely on one instrument to provide background noise while the other leads the dance. This melodic improvisation was commonly used as a performance before a classical performance. Dancers rely on feeling and emotion to drive their routine, creating the need for belly dance clothing that is flowing and comfortable.

Baladi Belly Dancing

This phrase translates to “of the village,” explaining what the dance’s purpose is. Originating in Egypt, this proud dance routine focuses on communal entertainment, featuring little aesthetic flashiness. Dancers typically perform their routines in bare feet, opting for belly dance costumes that are more modest and less shiny. Unlike most belly dance styles, Baladi does not encourage bare bellies for the routine. While less aesthetically pleasing, Balada dancing does provide a rich and humbling visual experience for audiences.

Finding the right style to express your moves can be a challenge. It can be even more challenging to find the perfect belly dancing outfits for your unique routines! Next time, we’ll look at a few more dance styles that are commonly practiced across the globe. Anyone in need of quality belly dancing attire can benefit from shopping with Dahlal Internationale. Our affordable, durable belly dance attire is perfect for performers of all types and skill levels. Shop our online store now to get started!