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To assist Middle Eastern dancers around the world in achieving their goals by offering superior dance supplies at reasonable prices. You can expect the highest level of service delivered by a knowledgeable staff, dedicated to meeting and exceeding dancers' needs.


Dahlal, The Company
It's a mystery to many who shop Dahlal Internationale for the first time . . . How does Dahlal automatically know the exact piece of music you've been searching for? Why are her costumes more appealing than others? Why is she many professional dancers' first choice for belly dance costumes and music?

As a renowned Middle Eastern dancer and a Fine Arts major, Dahlal has an eye for color and design and an ear for music that's evident in the gorgeous costumes she hand selects and the extensive music selection she carries.

It all started in 1987 when Dahlal, then a well-respected Middle Eastern dancer, started selling glitter scarves and veils for "All That Glitters." She soon struck out on her own, traveling to Egypt and Turkey on buying trips.

From authentic belly dance costumes from Turkey and Egypt to music and accessories, Dahlal travels the world looking for the newest and best quality products that will interest true lovers of the Middle Eastern arts.

She personally chooses her supplies with a dancer's needs in mind. She knows which colors look best together, which music will be popular, which styles are fashionable . . . Her love for Middle Eastern Dance is evident in every item she recommends and the quality work found in the belly dance costumes she personally selects.

Plus, Dahlal's centralized location in St. Louis, Missouri means you get your belly dance items faster --- whether you're on the West Coast, East Coast or somewhere in-between.

Why are her costumes more appealing?
Why is she many professional dancers' first choice for supplies?
How does she just know what you're looking for?

Now you know!


Dahlal, The Artist
When most dancers think of Dahlal Internationale, they think of Dahlal. It's almost impossible to separate the dancer from her company. Only someone with her many years of experience as a professional Middle Eastern dancer could offer the unmatched expertise and advice she does to belly dancers around the country --- and the world.

It's hard for some to call her by her birth name (Debbie, for those of you who don't know). That's because she will always be a dancer first. Her incredible career is often overshadowed by the glitz and glitter of the merchandise she now sells, but Dahlal was once one of the top dancers in the U.S. Her captivating stage presence and dramatic choreography earned her praise and admiration from dancers and the public alike.

Dahlal began her belly dance career in 1976, studying with renowned performers, including Cassandra, Ibrahim Farrah, Lala Hakim and Elena. She dedicated herself to the dance, and through hard work and training---listening to music, performing, researching---she quickly became a highly respected dancer.

Dahlal created and directed her own troupe in St. Louis during the eighties, Troupe Akhwat Bayn Alnahran. The name means "sisters between the two rivers" and consisted of five professional dancers from the Midwest.

The literal translation for Dahlal is "a graceful or flowing dancer," or "a spoiled or pampered woman." Ironically, spoiling and pampering women is what Dahlal now does for a living!

Dahlal's whole life has always centered around dance and the arts. Who better to help you find the dance items you need?

Did you know?
Dahlal has earned a black belt in martial arts. She also plays the piano and holds a degree in Fine Arts.
Dahlal's favorite thing to do when she's not working: working out and painting.
Dahlal's favorite movies: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Moulin Rouge, Chocolat