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  • Black and Red Two Tone Diamond Crocheted Fringe Skirt
  • Turquoise and Royal Blue Two Tone Diamond Crocheted Fringe Skirt
  • Back View
  • Orange and Purple Two Tone Diamond Crocheted Fringe Skirt
  • Front View with Gilded Lily Skirt
  • Side View
  • Front View with Black Gilded Lily Skirt
  • Fuchsia and Turquoise Two Tone Diamond Crocheted Fringe Skirt
  • Back View
  • Close Up of Turquoise and Royal Blue
  • Front View with Strapless Top
  • Close Up of Orange and Purple
  • Shown in Motion
  • Black and Red Crocheted Shawl for Belly Dance
  • Fuchsia and Turquoise Crocheted Belly Dance Scarf
  • Black and Red in Motion
  • Side View with Royal Blue Slinky Skirt
  • Black and Red Tied to the Side
  • Turquoise and Royal Blue Tied to the Side
  • Black and Red Shown with Draped Beaded Scarf
  • Black and Red Shown Draped as a Top

TWO TONE DIAMOND Crocheted Fringe Hip Skirt, 4 Colors Available

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This crocheted hip skirt with two tones of long fringe layers beautifully over any belly dance full skirt or pants.  At our affordable price, try layering multiple shawls for a more dramatic effect!  Top decorated area measures 29". The top edge measures 60" with ties.  Measures 35" from the center's deepest point, including fringe.  Dress it up or down for belly dance practice or performance.  All other accessories, including the flowers, are sold separately.

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